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"Every child has a fundamental right to oral health and it is our duty to fulfill it."

Kidz Dental Centre was started in 2007 with a aim to create an environment that is adapted for children. Equipped with a play area, it creates a welcoming atmosphere for children to enter the dental clinic. The operatory is designed with starry sky ceiling and castle ambience to enchant the children while Parents also have seats at a suitable distance to watch their children  as they undergo dental procedures.

At Kidz, we routinely see infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school children with varying degrees of severity of dental problems. We use modelling, distraction, story telling, roleplay and other ways of behaviour management techniques to handle children in our practice.  Dr Latha is also trained to provide oral rehabilitation services at Hospital based setup under General anesthesia. We also handle children with special health care needs including Autism, ADHD, cerebral Palsy, medical problems including cardiac, respiratory, renal, hematologic problems etc.,
Anticipatory guidance for oral health issues forms the major aim of the Kidz Dental Centre and we encourage our children and their parents to adhere to preventive guidelines that we propose.

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Finally Your Child’s smile – It matters to us!!

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